Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (5th May 2011)

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Q. What are the ways to increase Prana?
Sri Sri: Do some Seva, Sadhna, Satsang

Q. How to be in Divine Love?
Sri Sri: I have spoken Bhakti Sutra about it. Listen to it

Q. Why is it so difficult to stand rejection in relations?
Sri Sri: Lack of knoledge. Know that neither the one rejected nor the one who got rejected are going to stay forever. Everyone has come alone and would go alone from this planet.

Q. I wanted to know: we cant touch the soul.. when one soul goes from one body to another. How does properties get transferred?
Sri Sri: Two things: Parmatma and Jeevatma. Both are atma only. And Paramatma is hidden in Jeevatma. God is hidden in individual life. Just like balloon has air. Air is outside and inside but its gets a shape in Baloon.
Balloon has colors and some things written on it. Just like that individual
and God is infinite sky. Every soul has karma and sanskara (impressions)
they are passed on.

Q. What should we take care of on this path, Can we be liberated?
Sri Sri: yes, we can be free in this life time itself. Thats what human life is so precious. We can get free of 5 things. Lack of knowledge, ego, anger, cravings & aversions and fear of death. We move from body to body carrying impressions to free ourselves from these 5 things.

Q. How to maintain enthusiasm when dispassion is at its peak?
Sri Sri: Dispassion is connected with enthusiasm. Its not against enthusiasm.

Q: Is chaos planned in life?
Sri Sri: yes, chaos is also part of life.

Q. Why People doing good things suffer and those indulged in bad doings enjoy?
Sri Sri: We cant get mangoes by sowing Neem tree seeds. As you sow, so shall you reap. People who appear to be high up, doing bad karma. they fall very badly that they cant even get up.

Q : How to control undeserved imagination?
Sri Sri: The more you resist, the more it comes. dont resist it.

Q. How much should one be naughty?
Sri Sri: As far as you are not hurting others but are enjoying yourselves.

Q. Is it necessary that saint like Satya Sai baba going through a torture at end of life and is it justified?
Sri Sri: It appears to you as torture, are you sure it was torture for him? Body has its own limitations. Lord Rama, Krishna, Jesus also went through lot of torture. And you think they went through a torture, but how do you know that they went through it? Every body has its limitations.

Q. Is it possible to fly by using some yogic shakti or special powers?
Sri Sri: Physical body has limitations. I haven't seen anybody flying at the level of clouds :) but can just jump for few seconds to some small height. Rather than doing tapas to just jump little height why dont one purchase a ticket and go in aeroplane :)
Even though the physical can't but Subtle/astral body can go anywhere, the mind can go anywhere.

Q. How do we know we are on right track?
Sri Sri: Your conscience guides you, will not let you sleep when you do something wrong. But when you justify your mistake thinking it was essential else the other wouldn't have learnt the lesson or something like that, then you are in trouble. Even ancient saints also face this dilemma to judge the right or wrong. You will have to take the tough decision of deciding what is right and wrong. Its not always easy to decide what is right. Thats why irrespective of whatever you choose to do, offer / surrender it and use your intelligence to move ahead. Also know that when you are on path with intention to do good for the world, you wont take any wrong step.

Q. There are some Babas or masters who does magics, gifts some jewelry and attract devotees. What is your comment on it?
Sri Sri: Everyone has his own style, Why should we comment on all that. Look at the biggest miracle: Love. People automatically are attracted towards it. Its strongest attraction. Truth, knowledge and righteousness can be your path.
Also, Some people need miracles to start walking the path. So masters attract them with some small tricks and make them regular in seva, sadhana and satsang.
For intelligent people like you knowledge and love is good enough to come on the path.

Q. When we chant mantra of sahaj, for another 30 min or so, we will be somwhere. Will we be sleeping or meditating?
Sri Sri: When you are tired, you may sleep and after that you meditate. Body and mind needs some rest and they take it. Its normal. But if this happens often, then increase your Sattva. Pranayam and Asanas keep Rajas and Tamas in balance. When you do asanas, tamas is removed and pranayamas would take care of Rajas, When you meditate, satva increases.
If thoughts come, sleep comes, its fine. its okay.

Q. I feel lonely!!
Sri Sri: Dont worry, dont feel lonely, I am with you. You grow up and you will get whatever you want.

Q. Why are "Krishna and Radha" said together, why not "Krishna and Rukhmini" ?
Sri Sri: I will transer this question to Maharaj ji.
Pragnanand Maharaj ji :
I am happy to hear that you said "Narayan" seeing me. Radha is not wife of Krishna. Because of the attachment towards Krishna, Radha is able to bond. This bond is subtle not outwards. Now HOW is that, only Guruji can tell!
Say with me four times: Narayan
Jai Jai Radha Raman Hari Bol

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