Experience Guru's magic- NOW!

Posted on: Friday, April 29, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Its a wonderful experience.. I am getting goose bumps as I am sharing :)

I booked my Berlin flight ticket (before even buying the event ticket) the moment I decided to volunteer for Berlin festival.. Not even a thought about money :)

Here is the magic that happened and I wanted to share..

Couple of weeks ago, a friend gave me a check for the money he owed me and he gave $1500 in excess. I asked him why $1500 extra.. He says I owed you for the expenses while sharing home. As far as I was concerned, he didn't owe me any of this money!

Today, I see a check for our rental property for this month as well as an additional check for $1000.

The explanation there.. An apology note from the property management company saying this money was accounted in someone else's property and it should have been accounted under your property!

$2500 unexpected money :)  Guru takes care of not just ticket.. He adds tips too :)

My story during Silver Jubilee... I can write a book :) Its Magic to the power of N, where N stands for 20 times the normal magic of the Guru!

Its a realization that "Dene waala to Who hai!!" (The one who is giving is HE!)

Think of all the instances the Guru saved
your a job,
your home,
your health,
your relationship,
from an accident,
from a financial difficulty,
The list goes on!

Don't let any obstacle come between you and Berlin! Just buy the event ticket and see the magic unfolding! This is the promise from the Guru! in His own words!

I have experienced the magic..
Its your turn now!


Jai Gurudev!
J.P. Samala