Guruji's US Spring Tour

Posted on: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Guruji's US Spring Tour

Rejuvenate 2011: Art of Silence Course with Sri Sri, Uvalde, Texas, April 9-13

The Sri Sri Ashram in Uvalde, Texas is delighted to invite you to Rejuvenate 2011: the first ever Art of Silence course in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Ashram. Each Art of Silence Course course is a residential retreat - an invitation to dive deep into the Self and enjoy a perfect vacation for mind, body and spirit. Doing the Art of Silence course in the presence of Sri Sri in the midst of pristine nature is rare and is even more special than a regular Art of Silence course.

Only the last 50 seats are left on the course and will fill up really fast. Don't miss this rare opportunity to do the course in such an intimate setting with Sri Sri.

           Course Dates: April 9th (evening) - April 13th
           (Check-in over the evening on April 9th. Course starts with yoga at 6 am on April 10th)
           Pre-requisite: Art of Living/YES Course
           Course Fees: $655 Accommodation ($555 Accommodation for Students)

Course will end in the afternoon on April 13th, followed by a satsang and celebration with Sri Sri in the evening.
For questions regarding registration, contact: 800-584-0630

* Please note that Sri Sri will be present in the Ashram late afternoon on Tuesday April 12th through April 13th. He is scheduled to leave in the morning on April 14th.


Upanishads (plus Advanced Course Processes): Los Angeles, California, April 17-19

Attending the Upanishads is an unparalleled opportunity to spend extended time with Guruji, and deepen the inner connection.

Upanishad means sitting close to the master, both physically and spiritually. It has been an important part of our growth on the path to experience such extraordinary series as the Ashtavakra Gita and Bhakti Sutras on DVD. To be sitting in the presence of Guruji while this special knowledge is first being given is to be elevated by the consciousness in that space and have the knowledge register at the deepest level of Being. For a devotee and spiritual seeker alike, it is an opportunity for the experience of a lifetime.

Do not miss the chance to be part of this historic exploration of the Self, the pinnacle of ancient wisdom.

Guruji has designed the Upanishad sessions to be in the morning (two sessions the first two days), so the knowledge can go deep, with specific preparatory activity before each session. Participants will also take part in advanced-course processes in the afternoons to integrate the knowledge.

Register now. In the short while since the course was opened, the beautiful L.A. CenterĂ¢€™s main hall is already half full. Your presence in the other half will add to that fullness.