Excerpts of the Solan, Himachal pradesh (India) Satsang (21st March 2011)

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Art of Living Teacher Mr. Sanjay Joshi welcomes Guruji, saints and audience. He is giving the introduction of The Art Of Living International Foundation.
Mr. Sanjay talks about the wide spread awareness and work done by The Art of Living globally.

After welcoming the saints and dignitaries of the state, the state Health minister arrives on stage and felicitates Guruji. Folk Shiva Bhajan- music composed by Dr. Krishan Lal Sehgal
"Shiva Kailashon key waasi..."

Another Traditional folk song based on "Raag Bheem Palasi" Himachal is really "premachal"

Sri Sri: Meaning of Satsang is about being casual/informal. Lets do one thing.. Lets look at people around you and greet each other. Every one did?
How did you greet? Tell me really... Did you do it genuinely? or just because Guruji said it?

We do lot of things just as a formality. Even when some one is on hospital bed, one replies : "I am fine". We loose belongingness and oneness feeling if we are stuck in formality. If we have to look at belogingness we can find it in rural families in India. I feel that this is only possible via spirituality which is not just following rituals. Its about belongingness towards every one. When we congratulate anyone, we usually dont do it from our heart. In those people's life, love blossoms.. energy develops, ideas come, and freedom is not far.

Every one greeted each other? really? no.. not really. Tell the one next to you" I dont trust you" Good opportunity to tell your spouse so :)
See? Even saying this is so difficult! Lets close eyes for few seconds. Just feel that no one trusts you. Every one doubts you. Open Eyes.
How are you feeling? How many are feeling good? How many are feeling bad?
We want every one to trust us. But we dont trust others.

We look others with this thought... and we have vibrations similar to our thoughts. We feel like talking to some people and with others, we feel like running away.
Some people just meet and fight with us, even when we want good.
This happens because of our subtle body's waves. Some people feel attracted, others repelled.
Spirituality turns this subtle vibrations from negative to positive.

Lord Krishna had such vibrations that Kauravas and Pandavas.. all used to melt in front of Krishna.
Sadhana, seva & satsang are the tools to make this happen.

Cell phone needs simcard, charged battery and a range .
Range = Faith
Sadhana = Charger
Simcard = Seva
When we have 3, our real prayers begin.
When any of 3 is missing things dont happen. If it happens its cause of Grace. We have power within us that makes the work happen, not just ours but others too.
Its developed via seva, sadhana and satsang. Are we all here?

When I am saying, you are continuously talking too! This internal dialouge is called "Pragya" Scientist say that when we speak for 10 minutes people listen only for 3 minutes other times they are gone for coffee mentally :)

Why do we doubt others? We dont think about this.
Corruption and other bad things is not possible with own people. When belongingness ends, corruption starts.
Raise your hand if you want to free nation from corruption. Some people are not raising hand, are you not liking it?

Some people say, work does not happen with out giving money,
1. We shouldn't accept corruption as part of life.
2. Let bureaucrats just put for one year "I dont accept bribe" lable on table.
I encourage youth here to make such stickers and put on tables of officers.
3. Politicians : if common people and officers dont indulge in corruption then politicians will have to follow the suit.
Not that every officer is corrupt. Not every Muslim person is terrorist nor every politician is corrupt
like vision like world

Just as we see the world.. our world starts becoming so. Lets all stand up against corruption. Raising hand is oath taken. We should be proud of our tradition. Such old traditions!

Do you know the English calendar's months origin? How many know or dont know.
Ambar = Sky
The names of world's calendar is given by India.
March = Go ahead.
Not just India, but many other countries too which take march as first month.

Satsang is participation! Life itself is Satsang! I wont let anyone sleep in my Satsang. They wont be able to sleep!
how many know?

Alcohol and drugs have created lot of problem. Happiness and sadness people drink alcohol. Tell all the alcoholics to come to us, I will give free of cost High which does not go down.

We should start "Yoga RAVE" like in Argentina, where no alcohol is allowed and people celebrate all night singing bajans, meditating and doing Yoga, and only drinking fruit juices. We should start "YOGA RAVE" in India too. Orange juice! not alcohol! Youth should start this culture here. We should take responsibility of eradicating corruption and drug addiction. I heard 75% of youth are addicted. We need to rid our society off alcohol.

Mahatma Gandhiji had a profound message against alcohol and corruption but using Cash Notes which has his photos people are buying alcohol and doing corruption.

People have created code name for corruption to buy votes. They make poor people take vow while taking money. I asked them to take money but not give vote. Dont worry, you will not take on any sin. This is land of saints... but people are caught in addictions.
Shouldnt we free the next generation off this vice?
Raise your hands.. back out there!

We dont even need mic .. when we just 15-20 of us raise our voice. I encourage doctors to flatly refuse female infanticide. Since Ancient times we have respectable position for women, they have equal rights and even can to do traditional rituals. Earlier time all this was there, somewhere in the middle we lost this.

We need to take care of our Environment. Just two hours of two sundays is enough, we can clean this place. We can do lot of things. Raise awareness.

This incident happened in England. I was 17 or 18 and on an evening I was going for a walk in the street. I had a tiny wrapper in my hand and it somehow fell out of my hand casually. I didn't pay much attention to it like how we do here in India. An old woman waved her hands at me from distance, when I stopped, she came and picked up the paper and asked me to drop it in proper place. This awareness is in their society. In India we drop anything anywhere. But since then I made sure I did not drop anything like that.

We should learn Precision from Germans and Teamwork from Japanese.
Here people come late.. officially.
We have to learn marketing skills from Americans. They can sell moon on no moon day!
Americans are way ahead in Creativity and marketing. Once I asked few people to take up creative project, one month later when I asked back, a sick and weak woman among the group also said I have done one project.

She did an handkerchief project. She put 20 points why hers is best in world like how the Kerchief should be, what should be its ideal length, width and design etc... She gave best explanation
We need to learn etiquette from Britishers and Human values and love from Indians.

If we want juice in life.. we need to do Sudarshan Kriya, Dhyaan (meditation) and Pranayam. Since we are Human beings, we have needs and responsibilities.
Will you do something?
Tonight, Take a paper, and write down what are your needs. Take one more paper, write down what are your responsibilities. If your needs are bigger than responsibilities, then your life will be sad. Your life will be happy if your responsibilities are bigger.

When you dont need anything for yourself then you get power to bless and you can heal other people. When you are fulfilled, you can make things happen for people. Thats why eldest people's name are put on wedding cards because as we age we should be more fulfilled.
But we dont see this happening now a days. Fulfilled person get power to bless. Saint dont need anything for themselves, so they can bless. Lets Meditate and lets get fulfilled!

How many of you have done blessing course? Are you blessing people? Aren't people getting what they want? Meditate and be happy...
Do seva, unless we do seva we cant be fulfilled. How long can we do things / earn for oneself? Earn all life and put money in bank and die, leaving your children fighting over it. I encourage you to put away atleast 3% of your earning. With this our wealth gets purified.
Every one should read Bhagwat Geeta. Most Americans have read Bible, but Most Indians havent read Bhagwat Geeta.
Atleast read it once! Daily two page are enough, it is a spiritual scripture, people from any religion can read it.
Knowledge purifies mind,
Ayurveda purifies body
Seva purifies our Karma.
we should grow herbs.
To purify food we should add "ghee"(clarifies butter) Little drops of "ghee" in your rice or bread purifies it. Ghee helps to digest food easily, and it helps to avoid sugar related problems. Ghee helps in slow and proper absorption of Sugar present in rice or our diet, without it, all the carbohydrates would get digested and absorbed into blood stream soon which leads to problem like diabetes.

We need to change from "I" to "us".Maharaj ji encourages us to read Ramayan too. Its very practical.
Lord Krishan says I will help you rise over your sins. You wont be able to do it by yourself, dont worry just come to me, Surrender to me, I will do it for you.

how many of you are feeling pain in body?
Lets meditate
'Haa' is the sound which we make in pain and it is generated in abdominal region, this sound frees us from pain. 'Raa' is sound which raises your energy and when you say it, you can feel the vibrations in the head. So by saying Hara, u raise your energy to higher levels.
This is Invitation pose. We invite divine power within us.
Close eyes. :)
Breathe in and out. One more.. breathe out slowly. Feel your body.
Your body is Gods amazing gift to you that is made up of Millions and trillions of cells and atoms. One more breath in and let your body loose. We are surrounded by air element. feel it. Take one more breath in.. and leave slowly. We will chant Har har...
do nothing, just relax, relax in oneself, drop all efforts, just relax
whatever thoughts are coming, let them come. Body is wick and mind is the flame, let your body loose, rest smilingly. Do nothing, just relax
Mind spreads, let it do so. Let your body loose .

Shloka: "Let people all over the world be happy- Peace Peace Peace"
Become aware of body and environment, take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Take one more breath in.
And slowly exhale. Slowly you may open your eyes. How was it? How many liked it? How many did not realize it was 17 mintues? How many people's pain was reduced? Do meditation and pranayam.
People sleep early here?
10 - 11 ?
People in village sleep early at 7 or 8.

Ojasvita is being presented first time in this place. Ayurvedic produce with 7 herbs. Ojas = Vitality in Sanskrit thats why the name. 7 medicinal herbs are used to make this health drink.
Satsang song "Shiv Raja Maheshwara" sung by Sri Amol Shende, Art of Living's International Teacher.

How many people want employment? Just fill up a form near Divine shop.
How many of us here have Experienced Sudarshan Kriya? Tell your neighbors out there about it.
Every one can sit comfortable and listen to melodious music.

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