Excerpts of the Shimla, Himachal pradesh (India) Satsang (22nd March 2011)

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Jai Gurudev!!
We are here in Shimla The Queen Of Hills. Guruji has just arrived

Cheif Minister Of Himachal Pradesh Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal felicitates Guruji.
Dr. Prem Sharma :
"Guruji is a gem in the world of spirituality who has been a pioneer in bringing the spiritual phase in this epoch and that to amongst every age group. I welcome you all to this divine shower of this beautiful spring season and hope u dive into this beautiful stream of spiritually."

Sri Sri: Somehow there is a close connection between hills and myself. If you see most of our ashrams are on hills only. My only objective of coming here is to tell you that you are not alone, divinity is there with you always, it is not somewhere outside but just with in you. Just sit quietly for 10 min and meditate you can feel this for yourself.

I would tell all the government official that they must add a note on their office desks that they will not take any bribe and atleast for one year they must put this. I am saying this thing at every place where I am going. Youths are doing this very enthusiastically.

The Next thing is that we must not support female infanticide. It is a very great sin to kill a girl child. Women have the same right as Men. A girl child has the same rights as that of a boy child. Women have a very big role to play in society. Never think that women can't perform some rituals, in the past Mata Sitaji is the one who gave "pindadhan" For king Janaka, somewhere in the middle we missed this tradition. It is a land where prayers are offered to women as we do to Goddess Kali in festivals, and today in the same land we are talking about female infanticide.

Women must have a Bindi on her forehead. We must not forget our culture. I tell all women here to teach children at home about local traditions including songs and dance. Other than India, Nepal is the only country in which we have the tradition of women to keep bindi on her forehead. In America, putting Bindi on forehead is coming up as a fashion, and in India womens are not putting it ...

Next thing is that we must take care to clean our city in all ways. It is a very good thing that plastic is banned in Himachal Pradesh. This city has received 36 awards till now, I would congratulate this city and its people.

Still a lot can be done. We must take it much ahead. We all can together work to make our city clean. Say for 2 sundays, you all come together from 10 to 12 pm to clean your city. Like you clean your home, you all come together to clean your city, so that your city shines more!

Next thing is that you must all resolve to get our country out of alcohol addictions. Lot of people are addicted to alcoholism. You all come in the intoxication of satsang, and you will experience a real bliss. People take all excuses to drink alcohol that is not good.

In Argentina, A new party called Yoga Rave has started on saturday nights
In this youngsters come together and celebrate for the entire night, they do yoga and they drink Orange juice and enjoy

Today Art of Living has reached every corner of the world. You will see people meditating at the north pole and even in the south pole. All that you need to do a little of Pranayama, yoga, and you will very easily get out of addictions. All those who drink alcohol must take a resolution that atleast for one year you will not drink alcohol. You just take a resolution here and it will be fulfilled.

So to summarise, We will work on
Getting our country out of corruption
Next, we will not support female infanticide. I would appeal all the doctors here to conduct 3 free medical camps. For lawyers I would appeal to conduct 3 free cases for needy people, who cannot afford fees. I would appeal all the school teachers to conduct free tuitions for students who are poor in studies.

Do not get into formalities. It creates a distance and that is not Spirituality
Spirituality is a sense of belongingness. When there is depression in life then all the bad habits develop. When you live life in knowledge then there is abundance in life, there is no lack.

Spirituality is Belonginess, I have travelled across countries, and I always feel that everyone is my very own. Life on this planet is not certain, we do not know when life will end. So till the time you are here, do something good, bring smiles on faces of others. You also be happy and keep others also happy, that is the Art of living!

Every one has some needs and some responsibilities. do this homework today. Make a list of all the needs you have and then make a list of the responsibilities you can take and see how much more responsibilities you can take. If you responsibilities are less than the needs then you will experience sadness in life and if you are taking more responsibilities and you have less needs then you will see that life is happy.

When you no desire in your life for yourself then a power of blessings come within you then whatever you wish comes true then you can take bigger responsibilities to create the positive change for country and world and it will happen.

How many of you experience that things are working out for you in life?
All those who have experienced that their blessing are working raise your hands
It is not that only I can bless, even you can bless.

Even if we select 2 people from each village who doesn't want anything for themselves and are ready to help others, we can train them and spread this sacred knowledge to every corner. Himachal pradesh has 16500 villages...so we can train many to maintain the peace in villages and these people will uplift the society..

We must learn from everyone. From Japan you must learn team work. From Germany you must learn how to work perfectly. From Americans we must learn marketing..they can sell a moon on a no moon day! they are so good in that! and from Indians we must learn Spirituality

We have Art of Living centers in Pakistan also. Every day you spend sometime in sadhana all those who have not yet learnt this, must take a sankalpa or commitment to start learning it from this year. Take a resolution to come in to knowledge for this year.
You can give all your problems to me and you go home with a smiling face
I just want that.

Q: How to become confident?
Sri Sri: Forget about becoming confident. If you have it, u have it, if you dont, then you dont have it. But I tell that you have it. Just meditate for sometime, do yoga, pranmaya and you will see you will get more confident.

Q: What is Heaven and Hell?
Sri Sri: When some one dies with a smiling face he goes to Heaven, if he dies with a sad face he goes to hell! It is the last impression that matters.

Q: Will happiness and sadness be always together?
Sri Sri: No, when you are happy then you are not sad and when you are sad then you are not happy :)

Q: How to handle the problems on life?
Sri Sri: You must ask the Sadhaks ( people on path) around and they will tell you.

Q: What is Moksha?
Sri Sri: The day when exams get over and children come home, you must ask them that is Moksha!
Moksha is a state when you are happy within and you have nothing to desire.

Q: Why do bad things happen to good people?
Sri Sri: It is due to foolishness. Your thinking makes you unhappy. You keep thinking i am very good and all others are not. No one has told that you are good but you just think that you are good and This makes you feel unhappy. Do not sit and feel bad, move on! you never know which life's karma is causing the sad situation. You must move on!

Himachal pradesh is a state of herbs and you must cultivate more herbs here and you must preserve it you must do it in a big way.

Our Ayurvedic doctors have made a very tasty and healthy drink called 'Ojasvita' this is very healthy.

OK, let us all meditate now for 10 minutes
How many people are experiencing pain in body now?
ok let us meditate to get over the pain. Now for next 10 minutes, we must have the thinking
I do not want anything
I am nothing
I am not doing anything
and relax the entire body and the mind. We will chant om for 3 times now, Om is a vibration for peace and love and then we will get into depthness of meditation.

We meditated for nearly 17 minutes. How did you all feel? everyone liked it, right?

I would request everyone for a Big round of applause for Guruji. You will always be an inspiration to all of us. We will follow all that you have told and we will continue to follow. I am sure with your blessings all these things will move very faster.

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Jai Gurudev!