Excerpts of the Rohtak, Haryana satsang (17th March 2011)

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Host: On behalf of everyone from Haryana we welcome Sri Sri to the city!

In life we need devotion and faith

even if we have everything but we do not have happiness in life then there is no point...

We do everything to get happiness, to get happiness you must get within yourself..

today the minister was saying that haryana's per capita income has increased.

Instead of giving me flower, you blossom up like a flower!

Haryana people use to come with a banner and ask me in various satsangs as to when I am coming to Haryana. Your sankalpa to get Me here has fulfilled today :)

My intention to come here is to share with you that there is one divinity. And That Divinity is there with you always.

How many of you use mobile?

for a mobile to work we need

1. Range

2, Sim card

and third thing it needs is battery

Sim card is seva

Sadhana is your charger

Our country must get out of corruption. If we accept corruption, then corruption will only increase. So if the general public decides that they will not accept corruption and the officials must decide that they will not take any bribe. Every officier must put a note on their desk that they will not take bribe. 

Not all politicians are corrupt, there are good politicians also they are well wishers of the society. Today a good person feels that he is incapable to do something nice, because the system is corrupt.

All of those who decide to work against this raise your hands!!

Second thing we must all work to prevent women infanticide

Women have been respected from a long time in Indian culture

like we have Radha Krishna

first the women is respected... 

Women infanticide is a great sin we must save our world from that

In shastras and scholars it is said that if you kill 100 knowledgable persons, it is equivalent to kill 1 sanyasi and killing 1 women is equivalent of killing 100 sanyanis or monks so it is a great sin to kill a girl child.

Third thing is that we must get all those who are involved in intoxication out of it. It is said that in villages in punjab 75% of youths are into drugs. We must get them out of it. We all will take sankalpa to get our country out of drugs or alcoholism

And we all will take a sankalpa to make our city clean and tidy

you can work on alternate sundays for 1 - 2 hours for this

how many of you are ready to work for this? 

Seva is something that we can do, the one for which we are able. 

As humans we have some responsibilities and we have some necessity

When our necessity becomes less and we take more responsibilty then life will be good. When there is a sense of belonginess with others, then there will be no corruption

Haryana is a farmer's land, I would like to tell to farmer that save our Indian seed the seeds from Indian soil is very healthy and the milk from our Indian cows is very healthy. You must do multi cropping and organic farming.

With respect to health, use natural things instead of the ones made using chemicals. If there is lot of stress in humans, then it affects the nature also 

I would like to ask the youngsters here whether they know the source of the names of the months of the year?

Ambar means Akash -

Navami means Naav Aakash

the year starts in March

and December is the 10th month

today in afghanistan, Iraq, Iran the new year starts on March 31

Points to remember

2 hours on 2 sundays for seva

doctors can take 3 free medical camps

lawyers can take 3 free legal aids to needy people

When there is devotional music and mantras around cows, they give 20% more milk!

So in the farms, farmers can play devotional songs using tape recorder that will help even the trees in farms, this research has been done in America and lets all implement it in India as well.

Speech from Chief Minister of Haryana: 

All that Guruji has told today is very good and is practical. 

if you regulate your breath in the way Guruji said you will have regulation on your body and mind

Water has to be conserved a lot today for future generations

We all have to shift to organic farming. We have to become self sufficient

I am thankful to Sri Sri for taking out time and coming to our city and Blessings all of us

Q: Guruji can't you be always be with me physically?

Sri Sri: if you do seva, you will feel connected to me always.

Q: If we do not have a boy child then and have only girl child then...

Sri Sri: Womens have all the rights as men..so we must respect boy and girl child as same.

Sri Sri: I want all the good people to get into Politics. I want all the selfish, corrupt people to get out of politics.

Q: When will you come back to our city?

Sri Sri: I always feel that everyone is my very own. Wherever I go I feel at home. I do not feel any one distant from me. You all have come so many times to this world, you do not remember that all, I can remeber.

Q: how to get the youths of today into good habits?

Sri Sri: the YES!+ course conducted by the Art of Living is helping the youths in a very big way to get into a good direction. It has been found that any home in which agnihotra was performed regularly using desi cowdung cake has the power to stop radiations!

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