Excerpts of the Kurukshetra, Haryana (India) Satsang (19th March 2011)

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Sri Sri: In the war of kurukshetra the victory was for sattvik forces and it will continue. So today let us make a promise that when corruption has reached its limit we will stand up and take action against it.

One more war we have to fight that is the negative force inside us. Laziness inside us, if we can finish then we can go very far. If we can end this slavery mentality within us, we can move very far.

How many have read the gita? Raise ur hands. Oh my god (by seeing the number). In india when we don't read our own spiritual texts it is really not appropriate. If you go to the US and ask how many have read the bible, everyone would have read sometime at least.

So let us all take a vow against corruption. Let all officers put a notice on their table 'we don't take bribe'

Today there is full moon. We will meditate in a little while.

When I went to china, they presented a scroll which said 'the art of war' I was surprised I went with the art of peace and they gave art of war. The world got the art of war from kurukshetra (Place where epic Mahabharata war took place)

Fight the war not through anger or hatred but thru knowledge. Become a wise man and fight, In anger lot of people fight.

We have to take promise to fight against alcoholism. Three things we need to fight - corruption, alcohol and female foeticide.

Communist minded people claim that krishna was a myth. When we ourselves doubt our history what about others. In Greece with such a small population compared to india the history is appreciated so much.

Kurukshetra could have been such a big tourist center. But some of the people from this country itself questioned this. Such a big loss

There are seven things india should be proud of

The first is our spirituality. In US the yoga is 30 billion dollars industry.

Once a prime minister from other country commented on India that he was looking to learn spirituality from India. Though he praised the country for many other things, spirituality is the one that he mentioned at the top of everything. They sent 50 youths to be trained as in India, they were trained as peace ambassadors and now they are working in different parts of the globe.

There is such a big diversity of clothing and food in India. Some days back Art of living had conducted a big food festival in which we did 5600 types of Vegetarian food items!

In the same way there is a large variety of local folk traditional songs. We must popularise all this. Then the IT industry in India is very good. Scientist from England researched that those who know Sanskrit, their neurolinguistic power is very good. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar has a very good proposal to make Sanskrit language, the main language of the nation. We should have considered that advice.

Kurukshetra is a place where Bhagavat Gita got initiated. People here must read this, all those who have not read this must start from today. No need to read commentary. Just a simple translation would do.

I have come here to tell you that the Divine Power exists and it is always there to take care of you.

All the doctors here can you raise your hands. I would appeal to all doctors that they should conduct 3 free medical camps in your city. And doctors must not support female infanticide at all. All lawyers here must help the needy poor people, who cannot afford the fees. I would recommend the school teachers to offer free tuitions to poor and dull children. I would recommend all the artists to start writing articles to inspire people.

Once a journalist told me that 2010 year was not good, as it was the year when all frauds happened. I replied that it was a good year bcos all the frauds were exposed. I would congratulate all the press reporters for this. We must make our society free from injustice and corruption. You can ask all the youths who have done art of living course and underwent positive transformation.

I want you to be Happy! I want to see a smile on your face

Q: what if I get angry at some times?

Sri Sri: It is ok to get angry sometime in life, this anger should not be there in mind for long time. The anger must be a healthy one. Like a ripple on surface of water which does not remain for longer time.

Q: Guruji, what is Dharma, can we make a corruption free using Spirituality?

Sri Sri: Spirituality means when you feel belongingness to others. No one can be corrupt to the one to whom you feel the belongingness. Dharma keeps you up, that which does not allow you to fall down. The Sankalpa power increases with Spirituality.

Q: What is the secret of your beard and long hairs?

Sri Sri: No secret, it just that I did not shave it :) Dont judge by external appearance. Even tomorrow if I take off all these, I will be the same person as I'm now. When you can say everyone that I am there for you and you can be calm and centered within.

Q: When will Indian government stop the alcohol shops, China has stopped it?

Sri Sri: China has observed the effects and have taken a very good step to stop it, We all must work towards this so that we also stop this in our country.

Q: how can a 'Naar' become 'Narayaan'?

Sri Sri: the word nervous is from the word Naar. When you can be calm for sometime within yourself, then one day you will realise that you are the Divine. You will realise that the Divine is within you.

Q: India is exploding with population. What is Art of Living doing towards it?

Sri Sri: Today India is number 1 only because of it's big population. This country has the biggest market ever. I would say Population is a boon rather than curse. In australia and Newzealand, aboriginals or native people were cornered by the immigrants because of their less number. But in India though British were there for such long time, the culture and the traditions couldn't be replaced or wiped.

Q: Was krishna responsible for war?

Sri Sri: Krishna tried three times to stop the war. When it was inevitable then the war happened.

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