Excerpts of the Hisar, Haryana (India) Satsang (18th March 2011)

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In earlier times there used to be a joint family, that was a beautiful way of life. You live happily and make others also happy. In big families there is responsibility to make and keep everyone happy. Today in our country, families are breaking down from joint family to nuclear families.

Last year China had invited me, they commented that the stress in families is increasing and they need help from Art of Living. They put up boards saying 'Welcome home' when I arrived there. This feeling of One world family should come and this feeling is a gift of India to the rest of the world.

There were people who had sacrificed their life for freedom on this country and today we have forgotten all that and corruption is eating away the country.

Once a reporter told me that in 2010 was not good as their were so many frauds. I said that it was a good year, atleast all the frauds were highlighted in front of all. Otherwise those who are supposed to be in jail would be ruling. I would congratulate all the media press reporters who got all these frauds out

The General public generally blames the goverment for corruption and does not do anything this is not the right way. Everyone must stand up against corruption and not support it.

The common man must first resolve that we will stand against corruption. 8 billion dollars from India are out of the country.. under corruption.

I would appeal all the government officers to put a note on their desk that "I will not take any bribe" You must stand against all the corrupt politicians

Second thing is to respect Women. Women is respected so much in India. In such a country, killing a girl child before she comes to life is a very great sin. We must ensure that there is no female infanticide. All doctors here must resolve not to support any killing of girl child before birth.

Third thing is that we must keep our society away from alcohol or any intoxication. I would want a drug free society.

If you come in satsang then you will get a high level of intoxication for divine love and it doesn't leave you also. So if you want intoxication come to me, I will give you such intoxication which is free, healthy and uplifting.

The power of spirituality is within all of us. When we work to arouse the spiritual path within us, that is called Sadhana.

As humans we have needs and responsibilities. When we have less needs and more responsibilities then life is happy. When there is a feeling within that you do not want anything, then you get the power to Bless and your blessings can work to heal others.

Few years back I had been to a factory for its inauguration. I just said that time, that this factory will be No.1 in World at that time no one believed me and took it lightly. The same people meet me last year and said that now the company is getting No. 1 ~ this is the power of Blessings.

We all have the same consciousness within us. When we meditate regularly then there no lack in life. You will experience abuandance! have faith in this!

Art of living is present in nearly all the countries right from the south pole to the north pole you will see people meditating.

I never feel any one distant from me. This is Spirituality in which we feel all are our very own. When we feel someone is our own we cannot do corruption there and Spirituality is the way by which the belongings will increase.

We must increase the spirituality in the society, daily for few minutes we must sit and do meditation and pranayam.

Today i got the news.. that there were 200 Nepalies people staying around the Nuclear plant that blasted during earthquake in Japan. They were in trauma and were not feeling to eat or to do anything. Art of Living has started workshops to remove them from trauma.

In earlier times before cutting a tree, one used to pray to tree that we will plant 5 trees after we cut you. Organic farming has helped immensely to farmers across our country, the microbes in the soil die when we add chemicals in the soil. So we must have organic farming.

In Haryana, there is a big association of farmers. I would request all of them to research on organic farming and implement it. There are so many examples prooving this. The Earth also has life, scientist say that this earth is like an organism. If we do not respect it, then we will face natural calamities

You all can get together on 2 sundays and resolve to clean your city. During the cleanliness drive of Meri Delhi Meri Yamuna, 1000s of people came on road and cleaned the city. When we take a small initiative , the entire nature helps us in a big way. We saw this, there were no fishes in Yamuna river before cleanliness drive in Delhi, we did a small effort to clean it and then there was a huge flood which cleaned it more and got fishes in that!

There was an experiment done in Japan some time back in that one person took 3 glass of waters. He experimented giving bad words infront of first glass. He said good words for the second glass and in the third glass he said prayers. It was found that the vibrations of these words created a amazing difference in the water's photo!

Mantra Vibrations have a amazing effect on water. It was found that when rock music was vibrated around water, the water's photo was distorted and not good. This clearly shows the relation of words on water. In earlier times in India all the rivers were respected. We have forgotten these things now...this is not good.

Do you all know that the names of the months are actually Sanskrit names
They are given to the world by India. For eg Ambar means Space. The new year starts from March. March means move ahead. December is the 10th Month
The very first aeroplane was flown from Indian in the Chowpathy. Subroji made it, and Nauraoji financed it this was printed in the England's newspaper and then the Britishers imprisoned the makers of the plane.

30 years later the Wright brothers took credit by making aeroplane. The youths in India should be proud of it's rich culture and heritage. We are stuck up in our castism.

How many of you are ready to come together and work for progress of our country. Our country can be Number ONE. There is a amazing divine power in this country.

God gave us freedom for us to smile in this world and people forgot to smile and got involved into small problems of theirs.

Once 3 people went to heaven after death. First one was American, god stood up and invited him. Second was European, God stood up and invited him also. Third was India, God did not praise or invite him like others. The indian got upset..why is God acting this way...he asked God. God said you indians are so powerful that I am afraid you may take my seat :) India has such a high heritage that its position should be such a high.

I would invite all the youth to come forward and work for your country.
I want to tell you that there is a Divine power that loves and takes care of you always. You can give your problems to me. I just want you to Smile :

When lot of people meditate together it is like a Yagna and when one person does it alone it is tapasya. Yagna is more powerful. Today you can take one wish in your mind and it will be fulfilled

Om Namah Shivaya
Om the word is a vibration of the nature. One scientist researched that the frequency of the OM is same as the frequency of Earth rotating on its axis. After one dies the consciousness gets back to Om. Om means love, peace, there are 19 meanings for it.

Om Namah Shivay is the combinations of Water, Fire, Space, Ether and Air.
There cannot be dance without a dancer. In the same way the Shiv Tattva is always with the Nature. Today scientist call this the Black Matter or Black Energy. This is a new science of today and this knowledge was already present in Rig Veda.

We chant Rosary for 108 times because there are 9 Planets and 12 Rashis. so this creates 108 combinations of effects. Chanting 108 times balances it. And it is ok to chant more or less than 108. Now we will meditate with the chant of Om Namah Shivaya.

For a mobile to work we need Range, sim card and battery, same way in life you need faith, satsang and grace.

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Q: Can we see God ever?
Sri Sri: you can feel God, you can be one with Him. God is not an object of sense like eyes.

Q: Why was this world created, when everything was going to end?
Sri Sri: OK tell me why do you play cricket ?? You know that anyways Game is going to end and one will win, the other will loose :)

Q: Will there be complete peace in this world?
Sri Sri: Yes, when you all work for it.

Q: What is the formula for happiness?
Sri Sri: Look at me :)

Q: How to deal with the obstacles in life or work?
Sri Sri: Chant "Om Namah Shivaya"

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