Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (29th March 2011)

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Q: I’ve read / learnt that everything in the universe is complimentary. Is that the reason why consciousness is so hard to perceive since there is nothing complimentary to it?
Sri Sri: Consciousness is knowledge. It is that which knows. Inertia is complimentary to this.

Q: You seem to be good, cause good people can sleep peacefully at night, but the ones who are bad are having fun while awake. Why is this?
Sri Sri: This is only for a short while. And honestly, it only appears that they are having fun. It’s only an illusion that they are happy. They might be happy for a short time but in the long run it’s not the case.

Q: I am possessive about my partner. I don’t doubt him but I doubt those around him. How do I get over this?
Sri Sri: hmmmm, what should you do? I’ve always said that one doubts only the positive. So there is something good in him and that is why they are around him. What you need to do is understand what the doubt is about. Then you broaden your vision. Dont label yourself saying “I’m always doubting etc…” that won’t help… then you behavior also has a certain pattern… just know that what is yours is yours… don’t worry… just relax… and what is not yours – it anyway was not yours.

Q: How to escape emotional blackmail?
Sri Sri: See you are asking me a very generic question for a specific event.I am not going to fall in this trap. Since I will say something and then you will understand something else and then you will get into trouble and put me into trouble too! I won’t answer generic answers to specific questions and specific answers to generic questions. Better you talk to our teachers or write me a mail. When you are in confusion – just pray.

Q: Is it true by visiting holy places your bad karma gets washed off?
Sri Sri: Bad karma is not your nature. You do bad karma out of ignorance or due to lack of awareness. So a dip in the ganges is like just washing all off that away. You need to know that in the present you are pure and untouched. Some karma you will have to face the fruits for and that will come and go – no big deal. Just go thru them.

Q: What to do when you are in family with different guru’s being worshipped? Each tries to say their guru is the best!
Sri Sri: nothing! Both think theirs is the best – you just have fun.

Q: if we don’t respect nature even nature won’t respect us – but isn’t it too cruel of nature (who we call mother) to hit back like this?
Sri Sri: When the mother is bathing her child even she cries. The child is wailing and trying to get out of water and hates having soap and oil put on it etc… it looks cruel that the mother is doing it but it is not. And mother feels the pain of the child but it is necessary for the child to have a bath. Similarly when the child has to wear clothes – she struggles to put the child’s arm in the sweater and pull over but it is needed. You see the coconut tree – not every flower blooms and turns into a fruit. Creation and destruction are part of the nature. That’s the law of nature. Nature has a mysterious way of sustaining life.

Q: Lust takes over me sometimes and I do things which I shouldn’t. Later I feel ashamed. How do I get over this?
Sri Sri: look, you will do it once, twice, thrice, four times, ten times, then ??? You’ll know and be aware of it… and then you can stop. This is part “viveka”. When you understand the harmful effects of it, you will get over it soon. If yet you cannot stop then the second thing is to keep yourself busy – spend energy in more ways than one and you won’t have time for lust to take over…
If even after that you cannot control then leave it upto age! everything will automatically settle. All this comes in bolts and cycles – and it’s in these young years you will feel it. Lust doesn't stay in all the age groups. It does not last for all times in age. Sadhana, Satsang , Seva will help you to get out of it too.

Q: Things are not going right at home – so parents are getting involved in tantric practices. What to do?
Sri Sri: There are so many people in the name of tantra who are trying to cheat. Dont get trapped, Instead Pray. Pray together. Say – if it’s good for me/us let it happen else give something better. Do chanting…

Q: What should I do to become your secretary?
<everyone laughing and clapping>
Sri Sri: assume you are doing my work only. Let me tell you being my secretary is not easy at all. It’s a lot of work and there are many requests you have to handle. Just know that for any seva you do I am with you and you are with me.

Q: They say the consciousness is pure and is untouched. Then how can we have karmic impressions?
Sri Sri: This is a wonder. This is something which cannot be expressed. This is what the ancient rishi’s called as “maya”. It’s not there and yet it is there.

Q: You have said – love is not just an emotion, it is your very existence. Yet it is this love which lands me into trouble (again the audience is amused). How can I not get into trouble and follow the sutra.
Sri Sri: Skill. Only with skill. How you express love and how one receives it.. it is a skill. You shouldn't express the love too much.

Q: Money is above everything – more important than family and ties and relationships etc. is it right to consider Laxmi as goddess?
Sri Sri: That which you honor you will never try to grab. It is not that you should hate and disregard money – no that’s not the way… cleanliness is godliness. What you must understand is that laxmi is not just money. Laxmi is wealth. There are 8 types of wealth. Money is one of them. But this kind of thought is an insult to goddess. You earn so much money – you don’t spend – keep it in the bank and die! What sense does this make? Don’t constantly worry about money.
The one who puts sincere effort in work and has patience – it is to him/her that laxmi goes to. Don’t fear and be scared of god!

Q: Tomorrow is India Vs Pakistan Cricket World Cup game. You say “vasudev kutumbakam” is it ok for me to support India tomorrow?

Sri Sri: It’s just a game isn’t it? Support whoever you chose.
In a game – even the one who loses is a winner. 
In a war – even a winner has lost.

Q: How did Ekalavya succeed when his master was not supporting him?
Sri Sri: He could do this by his strong devotion. His master took his thumb, and raised him to a higher platform. Ekalavya became such a prominent figure in history only due to his master. No one quotes the Arjuna's name or someone else but quote Ekalavya's name because of his Master.
Like in ramayana, it was Kaikai who actually made Lord Ram Life a historic and great. Kaikai appeared to do a wrong or bad act, but it was only due to her all the world experiences so much grace and blessings from Lord Ram
Kaikai took all the blame on her in real terms..and made Lord Ram's life great. Otherwise Ram would have become king like anyone and would have led a simple life like anyone else ruling the kingdom and spending the time watchin Cricket if there were to be cricket matches :)

Q: Ram had 12 kala’s. hanuman had 14. Guruji, how many do you have in you?
Sri Sri: Why should I tell you? Calculate for yourself!
I have “jeven jeene ki kala” (the art of living) and this is complete J
Jai Jai Radha Raman Hari Bol

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