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Art of Silence course with Rishi Nitya Pragya in the presence of Guruji from 
March 23rd to March 27th 2011: Himachal Pradesh

We are pleased to invite you on a Spiritual Jaunt with our beloved Guruji to the magnificent Himachal Pradesh during his long awaited visit to the state from 21st to 26th March, 2011.

With Mahasatsangs in four major towns of the state, Guruji shall be spending most of His time in the picturesque and spiritual town, Dharamshala.

We invite you to treat yourself to a never before splash of rejuvenation and bliss; the Art of Silence Course in a venue where you wake up to smile at the snow clad dhauladhars all around you, the pines at their freshest bloom and air that smells so divine.....
Where silence isnt a practice or a process but a happening :)

Contact:+91 94189 12463, +91 1892 228875

venue: Indoor Stadium, Dharamshala

Date: 24 - 27 March, 2011 (Reporting on 23 March)

Jai Gurudev
Dharamshala Family
धर्मशाला परिवार

The Art of Silence with Guruji - Dharmasala (Himachal Pradesh): 24th - 27th Mar 2011

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