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SriSriOnTour Tonight on News X: Watch Sri Sri as Guest Editor at 9 pm and interview with Sri Sri from 9.30 pm to 10.00 pm IST

SriSriOnTour Sri Sri addresses 1000 IITians @ Pan IIT Conclave 2010, N Delhi: "IIT stands for Intense Inner Transformation/Intense India Transformation."  

Chinese can now feel good with Sudarshan Kriya

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BANGALORE: Sudarshan Kriya, the famous yoga technique initiated by the Art of Living, has reached China's doorstep. Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar inaugurated the AoL ashram on the outskirts of Beijing on Sunday. 

"India and China share a long tradition of wisdom and spirituality," Sri Sri said at the inauguration. 

Hundreds of Chinese devotees gathered at the event which was followed by a satsang. Representatives of Chinese Peoples Association of Friendship of Foreign Countries ( CPAFFC), a government-backed organization, attended. 

Thanking the Communist Party of China for its support, Sri Sri said: "Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and the Upanishads all point to the fact that peace is within us and we need to share it with everyone. China's contribution to the world has been Kung Fu and Tai Chi which ensured alertness and good health. India has contributed yoga and breathing techniques. The Art of Living's Beijing ashram will not only cater to Chinese, but will draw people from all over the world to experience their hospitality.

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SriSriOnTour "Conversation of the Masters" - A dialogue held today between the spiritual leaders of China and Sri Sri

Kanakapura to China

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Forget the kung fu hustle, it's now time for China to learn some disciplines in yoga. Yes, the Art Of Living is going to China and founder Sri Sri Ravishankar will open its first ashram in the country this Sunday during his maiden visit.

The Beijing ashram, constructed on a 165–acre land, will have rooms and dormitories that can accommodate up to 150 people. It also houses a three-storey meditation centre.

China will be the fifth country in the world to have an ashram set up by the AOL International Centre (AOLIC). Germany, Canada, Russia, Poland and USA have ashrams, the biggest one being in Canada.

Why an ashram in China? AOLIC spokesperson Karthik Krishna gives the answer: Read More

'Art of Living' makes official debut in China

Beijing: Yoga made an "official debut" in China on Sunday as Sri Sri Ravishankar, the renowned Indian spiritual guru, inaugurated his first 'Art of Living' centre with the sanction of the Chinese government in the capital. 

Yoga, the quintessential Indian spiritual and cultural form that is increasingly becoming popular here, took centre stage as the Art of Living branch was opened at a sprawling Chinese resort on the outskirts of the capital. 
The function was attended among others by representatives of Chinese Peoples Association of Friendship of Foreign Countries, a government backed body which invited the Indian spiritual guru. 

The resort resonated with music 'Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishanu' as few hundred enthusiasts attended the specially organised function where Sri Sri briefly performed yoga and meditation. 

A disease free body, violence free society, conducive free mind, inhibition free intellect, sorrow free soul, trauma free memory are the Read more

SriSriOnTour Sri Sri on Art of Living Ashram, Beijing: "This campus will draw people from the world to experience hospitality of the Chinese."

SriSriOnTour China's Disabled People's Performing Arts Troupe performed 1000-Armed Buddha of Compassion for Sri Sri at satsang in Beijing last night.

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SriSriOnTour Different faith leaders of China honored Sri Sri at an event in Beijing this evening - Meditation, Music and Wisdom. 

SriSriOnTour Sri Sri: "What Confucianism and Taoism say is very similar to the Upanishads. We need to globalize wisdom." 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will visit China to inaugurate the first Art of Living ashram in Beijing. This is the first ever visit by an Indian spiritual leader to mainland China. 

On the two-day tour, starting on Oct 24, Sri Sri will attend a public satsang at the Art of Living ashram which has been co-organized by the state-run Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC). On October 25, Sri Sri will be received by Mr. Chen Hao Su, President of CPAFFC. Sri Sri will lead a Health & Happiness yoga camp in Beijing in the afternoon.

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SriSriOnTour Sri Sri has just landed in China. Warm welcome to the Indian Spiritual Leader. 

SriSriOnTour Sri Sri on the way to Beijing - The first Spiritual leader from India to visit Communist China

Sri Sri Ravishankar to open 'Art of Living' branch in China

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Beijing, Oct 21 (PTI)

Yoga enthusiasts in China have reason to celebrate with the renowned exponent of the ancient Indian practise Sri Sri Ravi Shankar all set to inaugurate the first ashram of his 'Art of Living' here.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will embark on a two-day tour of China from Oct 24 to inaugurate the first Art of Living ashram in Beijing, the organisers said.

This is the first ever visit by an Indian spiritual leader to China, as it shed its Communist past with a series of economic and social reforms.

The spiritual guru, whose branches are active in 140 countries, promoting ecumenical values with emphasis on inner peace, would address a public "satsang" (spiritual gathering) at a resort near Beijing on Oct 24 followed by a Health and Happiness yoga camp the next day.

The highlight of his visit according to the organisers is Read More

Stumbling Into Infinity: An Ordinary Man in the Sphere of Enlightenment

Stumbling Into Infinity is the intimate and sometimes startling account of Michael Fischman's spiritual journey and the encounter that changed his life forever. 

"The impact of India's spiritual teachings on Americans has been deep and profound. Michael Fischman's engaging memoir adds an important chapter to that history by personalizing it and shedding light on one of today's most influential masters, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar."

"Stumbling into Infinity has deep knowledge, humor, and moments of grace. Ultimately, this book will inspire you to see how much better your life — and the world — can be through meditation, service to others, and deep gratitude."

Also, check out this beautiful video

Book Release Date: Oct. 22, 2010 

To place an order for the book, please visit:

Jai Gurudev :)

Annambrahm At Ahmedabad

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For more details, please visit:

(You may also visit to witness all the AOL Mega events around the globe.)

Jai Gurudev :)

Exciting opportunity for devotees to be with Guruji

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The Art of Living 30-year celebrations kick starts at Chennai in January 2011.
This Event, Naadha Vaibhavam on January 30, 2011 will be as grand and
spectacular as the Silver Jubilee, with 5000 carnatic musicians singing
together in a symphonic soundscape, in the presence of Guruji.

We are very happy to announce an exciting offer for only 100 devotees to be
seated on stage, near Guruji, alongwith many other dignitaries and musicians!
Be a part of the event that will make history and enter the Guinness of Book of
World Records! Those of you who are interested in taking up this offer, kindly
call Gaurav Agarwal at 98400 60565 or e mail for

Rush to avoid disappointment!

Jai Gurudev
Naadha Vaibhavam Organizers

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SriSriOnTour 8th Day: Over 50,000 people from 60 countries attended the Chandi Homa yagyas in Bangalore Ashram in the presence of Sri Sri with people. 

SriSriOnTour Day 8, Sri Sri: "Yagyas transcend our understanding. Subtle energies are invoked through these to bring peace, awareness, intelligence." 

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SriSriOnTour Sri Sri on Navratri: The energy from pujas creates benevolence, brings you closer to self-realization and also brings success in the world.

In a first, China extends invite to spiritual guru

BEIJING: Godless China has invited Art of Living (AOL) founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, for a religious leaders' meeting and a satsang near Beijing later this month. This would be the spiritual leader's first China visit. 

Sources said state-run China Overseas Friendship Association (COFA) is organising the event on October 24 and 25 and around 400 people from across the country are expected to attend the satsang. They said Beijing gave its go ahead for the event to promote bilateral ties with India and that the invitation is the first of its kind to any Indian religious figure. 

"We expect senior businessmen, show business celebrities, medical, educational experts and even psychiatrists to attend the event," said Tang Qiyu, who would host the event at his ashram-like resort for yoga and meditation on the outskirts of the capital. Sources said Tang's efforts made the invitation for the spiritual leader possible. 

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar commends Gammon's grass root skill engagement initiative

Mumbai, Maharashtra, October 7, 2010: Gammon India, the country's leading integrated construction company, today flagged off an Innovative project called 'Gammon Hands on Training centre' at Mysore. The objective of the company is to create a pool of skilled workforce for the Nation, a key resource requirement given the Government's plan to invest $1000 billion dollars (Rs. 45 lakh crore) during the 12th plan period 2012-2017.

The facility located at Kuppedada village, Srirangapatna Taluk, in Mysore near the Infosys Training centre clearly seeks to promote skill development through meaningful livelihood opportunities amongst youth from village panchayats across the country. The training centre is well equipped training equipment and will follow the latest techniques to impart to a batch of 250 trainees.

The youth , who have been selected by the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar promoted 'Art of Living' Foundation from across South India will be trained in various skilled disciplines including masonry, plastering, scaffolding, carpentry, electrical work, painting and plumbing.

The training duration will be for 25 days, with three rounds of examination one each after the 10th, 20th and 25th day. Besides a two hour theoretical input, the daily schedule would involve six hours of hands on vocational training, besides a regular sessions on yoga, meditation, counseling and games.

Commenting on the project, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, India's well know spiritual guru applauded Read More

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Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

In the below Online Mediation, Guruji talks about the principles of meditation and leads us into a beautiful meditation. 

Just click the link and experience it NOW!

Note: Now you can send concerns and receive blessings from the AOL blessers through our own improved Art of Living Universe site. Visit: and explore. Do keep sending your feedbacks to serve you better:

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SriSriOnTour UN Day of Non-Violence: An apt tribute to the champion of non-violence. Everyday should be one of non-violence - that is the Art of Living.

Lets celebrate, today, 2nd October, as the day of Non-violence.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's message for Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, the day of non-violence

Dear Ones,

H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says let us celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's birthday as the day of non-violence.

Jai Gurudev,
Deborshi Hazra

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