Posted on: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Let Out the Steam, and Get Into the Team
(Guruji's article in the Moscow Times)

I believe that the starting point for leaders is the boardroom, the office. To create an atmosphere of celebration, you need the right attitude, and you have to bring in that attitude yourself. This may require some form of teamwork. An atmosphere of celebration, of trust, cooperation and a sense of belonging, all have to come. I have no doubt that there is a willingness among people to refresh themselves; they just need to have it put in front of them in an effective, viable way. They need to be given the opportunity.

A business will not last if it focuses only on productivity and net result. The company ultimately suffers because the creativity, the strength and the sense of belonging will ebb away. Similarly, the military "command and control" system no longer works. Only inspiration and motivation are effective tools. For that, one can apply some of the ancient principles from different parts of the world in the workplace, to make the work more enjoyable.

In the past, the business world ran on economic pressure, because people had no other means. But today, the global market is very open, and the choices are many and varied. People are more aware than a few years ago, so now they want to move around. Previously business was regionally oriented, because job availability was limited and people were stuck with the job they had. But now, if people are not satisfied at work, they will find a new, better job and move elsewhere. This has turned the business view completely upside down.

One of our program components has the slogan, "Let out the steam, and get into the team." In other words, take off your management hat and sit with others in your company. Sit and talk to them and share your point of view. This type of interaction is an education. It empowers people and facilitates cooperation. This can be combined with breathing techniques and exercises, where participants independently eradicate feelings of stress and take a fresh look at the situation.

Any business needs intuition, and successful business is directly proportional to the intuition of the boss. Greater intuition translates into greater business success: If your intuition is wrong,